New Ethereum ERC404 Token Surge!

There is a new “unofficial” protocol on Ethereum called ERC404. ERC404 combines the features of an ERC-20 with the features of an ERC-721 and creates a new token. It blends the tradability of a meme coin with the individuality of an NFT.

Loopify on X (@Loopifyyy) said “ERC404 is basically fractionalization on NFTs but with the best UI?UX that traders can ask for”. 

The Pandora team created the ERC404 protocol and launched Pandora as the first token built on ERC404. Pandora rose from $250 to $32,000 since February 2. 

Pandora_ERC404 on said “Pandora is the first token built on the ERC404 token standard, an experimental token standard that we have open sourced for creators and developers alike”. 


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