Avoid crypto loses

Avoid This 100k+ Crypto Mistake!

How do you avoid my 100k+ crypto mistakes?

(Not financial advice)

No one loses money taking profits!

You have to hit the sell button to realize your gains! Don’t be greedy!

Remember this key phrase: Secured Initial Investment, or (SII). The best way in my opinion to get your SII and to take profits is the “ladder out” method.

The ladder out method is like the opposite of Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA). Instead of making several purchases to enter a position, you can make multiple sells (at different price targets) to exit a position.

An example would be, if I bought Solana at $100, then it went to $200, I would sell half of my position to get my SII. Then I can let the rest ride higher and sell more at an even higher price, to secure my profits as well!

What is your crypto profit taking strategy? Let me know in the comments below!

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